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Did anyone take a stab at either of these? Does anyone have an opinion on which of the two is more challenging?




hmmm... guess nobody picked these up... or too busy playing pong toss



Lol. I've been tempted to try 'em out (especially Chaotic Conflicts) but haven't yet.



I'd pick 'em up if I had spare points but I only had enough for Jett Rocket.... I might get one in the future.

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I downloaded both of these games.They both had a lot of potential and are very charming titles but the biggest problem with these games is the controls. They simply are not accurate or reliable. I thought that I was the only person who had an issue with the controls in these two games but here is a review that supports my claims:

I actually enjoyed Puzzling Pages but I really hated Chaos Conflicts. The controls aren't that bad in Puzzling Pages. However, the controls make playing Chaos Conflicts and exercise in frustration. Puzzling Pages is more slow paced and you can actually take your time aiming and flinging your bears. In Chaos Conflicts it is extremely fast paced and you don't have any time to do much of anything before the enemies end up destroying your gems then it is game over. If you really want to try one of these two games I would recommend downloading Puzzling Pages. Just stay far away from Chaos Conflicts.

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Somehow I thought downloading these would make a great final WiiWare experience.
While I think the controls need lots of practice (precision, and intuition in your swing-move fidelity) and can be frustrating in the hectic parts, the biggest dropper is the DLC.
Each of the two games cost 3000 / 3100 Wii Points if you wanna have em complete.
There are about 10 additional units for realworld money to purchase.
The problem is, you have only 2 slots, so you can only select two of the Unit DLCs at any time, leaving the other Unit purchases worthless.
I got all DLC, but it's not that they stack up, and make you stronger like in other Square Enix WiiWare games (My Life as a King/Darklord).
The game doesn't even tell you that you are limited to only 2 DLC units per mission. It doesn't even say which units go into which of the 2 unit pockets, so if you buy two DLCs of the same kind you can only use 1 of them.
In that sense I felt betrayed as a consumer, not to mention it's even more hilariously overpriced than Darklord.

I think both games could benefit from different controls, combining both games including all DLC, and bringing them down from 61,00€ to 9,99€.

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