Topic: Are we all male and what age?

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StarBoy91 wrote:

I don't think you're whiny, 110%. In fact, I don't find preteens to be whiny at all.

Cool, it's just that some times I've seen people on forums complain about 'whiny little annoying 12-year-olds'.
It's cool that NL isn't like that, though.

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im a gender just like you im probably the youngest here im 12

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39 (soon to be 40), male...why is this important? Guess I need to read the first post...

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wow you're nearly 40? That's ace - I'm glad to see gaming is the norm these days in your adult years. OK I'm not that far off you really, but there's no way in hell I'll give up gaming when I'm 40, just reassuring to know others are still gaming too.



Male, 14, and I'll be 15 in a couple months

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Even when I had no console I was firing up MAME on an almost daily basis. I expect to drop out again someday, but I'll still play what I have (which is quite a lot).

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I remember when I was reaching my 20's and my peers would frown at the fact I still played video games. Now I'm older I can talk about them freely to anyone and they no longer seem to be considered sad (unless I go into detail about my Dreamcast import collection or something). So I don't think I'll ever pack it in.



31 male & loving it!



I'm most likely the youngest person I'm 11 and a male.

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@luigirules: nope, Xkhaoz is also 11 and male.

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I am of the male gender, so I guess I add to the on-going sausage-fest.
As for my age, sometimes 15, sometimes 42.

Best thread ever
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Still 30 something, still a bloke.



moomoo wrote:

I am of the male gender, so I guess I add to the on-going sausage-fest.
As for my age, sometimes 15, sometimes 42.

.... ... i....... smell... .... ........ CREEPER!
wtf, man, no one needed to see that D: -- TBD

haha... my bad. scarcely worse than that pic of lz, though...

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I'm 28 & male. As I get older I get raised eyebrows as I seem to enjoy gaming more than when I was a teenager.
My girlfriend tolerates my hobby. Occasionally she will join in with Boom Blox (drunk) or Dr. Mario (sober).

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am i the biggest one here? i'm 41 years old.

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No, we're not all male. theblackdragon is female. I'm pretty sure PinkLink was female, and then there are some other female users... (speaking of PinkLink, I haven't seen her since her welcome thread. Wonder what happened? And why was the thread closed?)

I'm one of the younger users here, clocking in at 13 years. I think the youngest is SonicMaster, at 10 years old.

Uh oh. He's back.


giannis wrote:

am i the biggest one here? i'm 41 years old.

Oh my. The senior citizen of Nintendolife.



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