Topic: Anyone else having WiiWare downloads fail?

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Are you in the Error 204910 appreciation club?

My suspect is Nintendo having unstable service, since the rest of my Internet connection seems to be running fine. But I wonder if this is widespread.

Been trying to download Space Invaders: Get Even and it consistently fails near the end of the download (which is really annoying for a 308-block file). On and off for like five days (because I'm not feeling up to spending hours at a time re-clicking through the menus over and over again until it works. Why not a retry button, instead of sending you all the way back to the start of the Wii Shop menu? )
Downloading several TG16 games and even those gave me trouble (also failing near the end, near the multi-coin-block part of the animation). Thankfully those eventually passed.

Would have been nice if Nintendo would allow other devices than the Wii itself to be used to download (like the PSP USB connection. That worked just fine the one time I was having frequent service outtages downloading directly on the PSP, forcing hour-long download retries. Used the PC app to download and it went fine, one try.)

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I downloaded La Mulana just last week with no problems at all.



The servers are unstable and downloads sluggish, but I haven't gotten any errors yet.

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