Topic: Any impressions on Fish 'em All?

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I don't think I've seen anybody comment on the quality of that game, does anyone have it?

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We'll have our review up later today. Patience my friend

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Patience? Fish you!

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I have it - it's definitely a Nintendo Life 7/10 classic. Sadly I feel it tries to shove too much content on the player too soon, which is fine if you're into 'hardcore' games but not good elsewhere. The arcade mode put me off playing the other modes too much although I'd say the Challenge mode would probably offer the best value for money if you have friends around. In fact it's probably best to play it with friends around just be able to bitch about how unresponsive the waggle control is for catching fish, or the cheap two-frame animations or even the fact that the whole game feels like a really old (almost Amiga days) tech demo made into a game with a lousy game mechanic thrown in. Even the music and sound effects aren't anything to write home about.

I'm afraid got tired of watching fish plotting mathematical functions pretty quickly and I never got there but I saw a video of a cheap-assed messaging section that just screamed early-90's tech demo. All in all It's not a bad game but not a particularly good one either; 5/10 overall.

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It's not the most addictive game ever, but I found it to be quite enjoyable -- though I've only played the arcade mode. I do wish the wiimote-only mode was traditional NES-style because waving the wiimote around to catch fish gets fatiguing, but it's a decent arcade-style game you can pick up and play for 10-15min. between doing other things and that's just fine with me.

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