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Who wants to see an ActRaiser remake as a WiiWare download? I mean, sure we have the original Virtual Console version but I'd love to see a WW remake. Anyone else?



Don't rule it out, Fumiaki Shiraishi, the lead programmer for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, noted in an interview that he would like to make an ActRaiser sequel. WiiWare would be the logical choice.

Did you ever play Actraiser 2 BTW? I kinda liked it but without the God-sim sections it just didn't feel complete!

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Yes I've played ActRaiser 2 on the SNES (Without using a ROM) surprising isn't it. Anyways, the game was extremely hard even with a Game Genie!



I agree. Actraiser 2 was too high in difficulty and didn't feature the fun God-simulation aspects. Kinda felt unfinished to me. I'd much rather see a new Soul Blazer game though.

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