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Me as well. I'm now soooo excited for this game. Hard to choose which platform to get it for, lol. As of now I can choose between Steam and WiiWare, but I may be getting a Sony system in the semi-near future so I might hold out for that. I'll have to ask the developer if my Onlive controller will work with it.

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Me too. WiiWare day one support. Bringing it to #1 in the top 20.


Wiiware just because it will actually be on Wiiware and is a giant love letter to NES and the 80s.

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You can preorder it for PC on their website and get a bunch of bonus content, along with a Steam key. But I'm holding off for now because this could be part of a future indie bundle. Not that I want to pay less for this game, I just don't want to pay twice.


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The release date on Steam has changed from May 2012 to 2012.


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I just hope the final product is worth the wait.


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Sent an email asking WHEN Retro City Rampage WiiWare will be released in Europe.
The answer came today from Brian Provinciano himself: "Yes, it will be released in Europe!"

Good news! No, really!
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The game went up for preorder on, with an approximate release date of July 1st.


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I've heard that it might be released on Thanksgiving day for the WiiWare service for both the Wii and Wii U consoles! I hope the rumor is true, but I'm becoming skeptical with all the previous delays that have occurred.

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