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Hi guys!
As you probably have noticed, tomorrow we start our European promotion of "Fish'em All!".
Now, the first 150 participants will get the game for free without a draw.
Everybody who has accepted the game will be entered into a prize draw for a Nintendo 3DS once and only when all the free copies have been distributed. i.e. the counter reaches 0 before May 27.
That's the challenge: You will need to be collaborative and include as many participants as you can into the contest so we dispatch the 150 copies.
Here is the link:
There are still some hours left, so take your Wii console's number and get ready




I guess the 150 copies are given away within the first 10 seconds. So if someone enters the contest tonight at 0:01 it's probably already too late.



im sooooo entering this

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Feel free to comment in the main site comment thread. Good luck to all who enter!

future of NL >:3
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