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Recently, we've been left out in the cold on the latest releases, including Star Wars Heroes Within that would make you want to see a photo of a boy crying.

Wipe those tears because they'll be more tables coming soon for WiiU users, and there's still a chance it could have the latest Star Wars pinball tables, as well a others, including Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool.

I need my puppet princess.



The update for Zen Pinball 2 with Dr. Strange, Deadpool, Walking Dead, and Guardians of the Galaxy is now available (became live later than usual yesterday). I'm surprised that Nintendolife hasn't put this on the front page yet.



Well it was part of their Weekly eShop Releases

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DefHalan wrote:

Well it was part of their Weekly eShop Releases

I'm aware of this, but the game was delayed a day and the page still says the update is not live, and didn't update when the tables became live in NA (which was around 6 or 7 eastern time). Anyway, I'm sure this will cause some confusion (which happened with the second table pack for Star Wars pinball) and I was hoping for an announcement when the tables became live.

Last I checked, this message is still on the weekly update page and hasn't been updated to reflect the table's release:

(UPDATE: the update that was to include these tables is not yet live in North America. Zen Studios has informed us that it is investigating the issue and is planning to re-attempt a release in the region on 29th August).

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The Doctor Strange table is okay, but kind of embodies what I think are the weakest design elements of some of Zens tables: overmuch focus on ramp combos; not enough targets and events.

The Guardians of the Galaxy table I trialled and the Walking Dead one were much stronger and I think I'll buy those in time; haven't checked out the Deadpool demo yet. I'm still wishing they'd unbundle some of the older Marvel tables as there's some I would buy standalone for £2.39, but wouldn't want in a more expensive bundle because I'm not keen on the tables they're bundled with. Blade is still my favourite.


After the last Zen Pinball 2 update when I open the home menu (home button) to close the game, it sends an error message and freezes. Every time.


I didn't have that issue. Where in the game were you when you exited? Probably best to relay that via Miiverse. I tend to quit from the game select menu after quitting out of a table and following any score tally screens. I've read in Miiverse people are having issues with high scores not being recorded online so it might be related to that?


I have most of the tables purchased already being a pinball nut over the years from the great PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 versions of Alien Crush and Devils Crush (amazing games for their time on a underdog of a game console.

I picked up all the new DLC and now between Zen 2 and my other eShop purchases, I have a little over a Gigabyte of free space.

When you really think about it, 32GB is easily consumed by some games of which I can't play without deleting and waiting a decade for another game to download. My first purchase was Lego City Undercover. Despite a 100 Megabit connection and such. The "launch patch" took forever. Early on, size requirements were never disclosed. Lego City Undercover not only took 19GB of storage space, but an entire day and well into the next morning to install.

I wish Nintendo will eventually give the Wii U access to store games on SD cards I don't want to have more cable clutter with another USB Hard drive in my AV cabinet.

There's more space yet for future tables to play and experience but something's gotta go. Perhaps Pikmin 3 if I can find it cheap since that was my Mario Kart 8 freebie.

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That would be nice to slip in an SD card. 32 gig would go a long way BC I pretty much only download Indy games.



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