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The game works now and is again available for purchase.
EDIT: Rather, follow the game dev's Twitter account for updates:

Just a warning for at least Europeans thinking of buying XType Plus on its launch day...

I managed to get one round of XType+ played on Wii U after which checking out highscores crashed the game. Restart the console, try to check the highscores again - crash. Restart the console, try to start a new game - crash. Repeat.

So, this is a launch day error warning. I've already posted in a Miiverse post my less-than-satisfied experiences with the game. If and when they patch the game so that it'll work, I'll edit the top of this post to mark this warning obsolete.

That said... the classic mode felt a bit iffy. I'm not sure the scoring mechanics are good enough for score attacks and the bullet waves lacked the aesthetic sense and "method in the madness" - they were just expanding bullet/missile spheres. Still, I expect to get my money's worth out of it.

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The Dev has posted on twitter that he's found the bug and is working with Nintendo on fixing it. As of now the game isn't available on the eShop and I'd assume that when it's back up the bug will be gone. As a side note I did download the game and it has no off-TV play. To me that's more of a deal-breaker than the bug because I know the bug will be fixed.

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Well, I just launched the game, updated it and saw that the leaderboards worked now. Yay!

"The review score of 6 becomes a 9 when looked at another angle. And vice versa." -me?


Sometimes the title screen / options have no music, but a slow glitchy drum loop that doesn't sound well.
Sounds like a bug, not sure though.

Love this game, especially with its low price.

However, my suggestions for an update:

  • Fixing the music bug
  • Off TV Play
  • Adding offline highscore lists (with initials)
  • 2-5 player mode
  • level select / missionstory
  • more music tracks, changing tracks once every 5 minutes.


I don't think the off-screen play will be feasible, unless the tablet screen would not show all of the action. The gamepad resolution would be too low.
I'd like to see guests try the game as well without the risk of them making a highscore under my account name.
Multiplayer - that actually might work, since the enemy does not aim its attacks in the basic mode.
More varied music would work.

There's some glitches going on with the music - sometimes it cuts off for a fraction of a second, sometimes it stops looping in the game, sometimes I get the menu music during a game, ....

Viewing replays either on YouTube or somewhere would also be sweet. Now I can only post screencaps on Miiverse and post a link to the post.

That said - I've put in 12 hours or so now, I'm doing well on the leaderboards and I find this far more enjoyable than Nano Assault Neo.

"The review score of 6 becomes a 9 when looked at another angle. And vice versa." -me?


No,, this game needs Off-TV. It must be done. I've owned it for over a week and realized that I'm simply never going to play it without Off-TV... It's the kind of game that absolutely NEEDS Off-TV play to succeed on WiiU. Good as it is, I don't think I'd recommend it to most people until it is properly supported.




I don't mind the lack of Off TV play since I mostly play on the TV. Not sure it would be feasible to see small bullets in a small screen. I still like the game.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


I don't think Off-TV will be a problem at all. The screens on the eShop look fine on the Gamepad. Besides, if I hold up my Gamepad in front of the TV from my couch, the viewing area is nearly identical. I may have a smaller TV and sit farther than normal from the TV, but I really don't see a problem. Actually some people with poorly calibrated TVs (most people) will probably be helped by the lack of lag from their TV's post-processing effects.




Said by the dev in a Reddit AMA: "Nope. There's no off-tv play, but I'm planning to add it in an update."

"The review score of 6 becomes a 9 when looked at another angle. And vice versa." -me?


It does seem like a game that should have had off-TV play out of the box. I fired it up the first time without the TV and couldn't understand what was going on because NOTHING was on the Gamepad! It is an excellent shooter, though and totally worth the price, so I'd hold this up to anyone who thinks HTML framework games are automatically going to be bad.

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