Topic: Wind Waker is advertised on eShop priced at £49.99

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This has surprised me. I was expecting £39.99 price tag considering that this is a re-make. I really want this game, but at that price I am having 2nd thoughts.
Does anyone know if that price is official ?

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Wow, that's outrageous!



Retail is selling at £39.99 so its not that bad, eshop prices are always abit higher then retail for some strange reason.

I'm hoping Amazon knock their £44.99 down to £35.00 like they have with most of the Wii U games on release. Only Splinter Cell and NFS have retailed higher then £35 at release on Amazon. If not then i expect Nintendo to lose sales as like you many people are on the fence due to this being a remake so a high price point wont help.

Personally i'm still debating if i should get the limited edition from Game or not....



faint wrote:

CaptainCharlie wrote:

faint wrote:

Still much cheaper than the Game Cube original.

Depends on where you get it. It's a lot cheaper here.

That's a used copy bro. A used copy without all the upgrades.

Oh, I thought you were talking about copies in general. And I didn't see the Amazon used copies. Oops. :0

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It should be a little more like £35.99 ...
Unless there is enough "Extra" content to vouch for it...


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C-Olimar wrote:

Wow, that's outrageous!

Truly, truly, truly outrageous?

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