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DefHalan wrote:

So I am thinking about buying a $20 card today. I would want to upgrade Zelda 1 and 2 but after that I am thinking Pokemon Rumble U, Duck Tales Remastered, or Giana Sisters. What do you guys think? I will only have $18 after upgrading the two Zelda VC titles.

I recommend Ducktales. It's a great remake of an already classic platformer. Especially if you liked the old cartoon, or at least have some nostalgia for 80's/90's cartoons. Some people have been complaining about glitches, though.

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DefHalan wrote:

Bessestad wrote:

Is it worth getting Chasing Aurora? Its on sale right now.. It looks kinda sweet looking at trailers and gameplay. But as i understood the developer themselves has said that the game was rushed out?

Single Player is just flying in circles trying to beat times. I hear multiplayer is awesome, but it doesn't have online. Over all it is a cool concept and I enjoyed it for awhile

I tried the demo and well... thank god i didnt spend money on it : )

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Not really a full eShop game in itself,
Though if you happen to be an apt Pikmineer and enjoyed the challenge modes,
Then I'd definitely recommend picking up the latest Pikmin DLC.

Perfect for those who like to go into competition against themselves,
And literally hours can be squandered into it. All for the most amazingly affordable price.
I would consider myself relatively casual in comparison to the majority of Gamers,
And I still find myself playing it all to consistently through the evening hours

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Should I get Duck tales or Giana sisters? Both seem like great games but I wonder if Giana sisters is a bit like trine. Maybe it's just the art style. I liked Trine but I think it was a bit to repetitive in the long run.



I don´t need an answer any more, I bought Giana sisters. The cutscenes in Duck tales don´t seem like a good idea but I still might get it some other time.




You're in for quite an adventure then,
The majority of the soundtracks were composed by the Scandinavian band Machine Supremacy,
Which coincidentally happen to personally be one my favourite bands (Of all time)

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I bought "Rush" today as it's currently on sale price. Seems fun from what I've played so far. Kinda scared of how taxing the puzzles are going to get.

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DefHalan wrote:

So I have $18 dollars on my Wii U. What should I get out of this list?

Pokemon Rumble U - $17.99
Double Dragon (NES) - $4.99
The Legend of The Mystical Ninja (SNES) - $7.99
Mega Man (NES) - $4.99
Mega Man 2 (NES) - $4.99
Mega Man 3 (NES) - $4.99
TNT Racers - Nitro Machines Edition - $7.99
CastleStorm - $9.99

Monster Battle / Industrial Complex - $3.99
Story Mission - $9.99

Zen Pinball 2 DLC:
Mavel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles Pack - $9.99
Mavel Pinball: Original Pack - $9.99

BIT.Trip Runner 2 DLC:
Good Friends Character Pack - $2.99

Batman Arkham Origins DLC:
Black Mask Challenge Pack - $1.99
Initiation - $6.99

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is rush and edge good games? I consider buying them

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I've really enjoyed what I've played of Rush so far.

No idea about Edge I'm afraid.

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There'll be lots of sales next week.
I recommend TNT Racers for 4.99€ that's a real bargain, it's a really fun 4p racer with good content.
Little Inferno for 4.99€ should be experienced at least once, especially around Winter time.
Toki Tori will be 1.99€ again, and if you buy EDGE and RUSH (both 1.99€ now) you get a discount on the amazing Toki Tori 2+. They're all great though. Definately check these deals out.

Also, Zen Pinball 2 (all tables) are 50% off next week so I'm going to buy all the remaining tables.
Star Wars Pinball half price too... probably get that one as well.

I think Trine 2, Nano Assault Neo, Puddle and other games will be on sale too. Worth a look.

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No sales on Runner 2?

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How much mb does NES remix and Earthbound takes?

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I just noticed Ducktales Remastered and Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara are both $7.49 until 1/9. I think I'm gonna get both.

Tobias95 wrote:

How much mb does NES remix and Earthbound takes?

Earthbound is 26MB.

Four more months until Bayonetta 2.

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SKTTR wrote:

Little Inferno for 4.99€ should be experienced at least once, especially around Winter time.

here to 2nd this

Try a XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X LET'S PLAY now for the cost of nothing! : D

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Wondering if I should pick up to toki tori 2+ since it's on sale.



Loving the EShop Music, Nintendo are so great with the music not like boring Xbox and playstatiom

@jsubbuteo yes its worth the money

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Is Mario & Sonic U worth picking up?

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