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Money. lol

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Is Shadow Puppeteer any good? Is Shadow Puppeteer controlled (single player) with two control sticks for each character or do you press a button to switch controls for the two characters?

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@HeroOfCybertron Yes, left control stick for the main character and right stick for controlling his shadow. Each has his own two buttons as well (to jump and pickup/use/read).

I liked the presentation as it's not coming across as a typical indie platformer but more like a 29,99 disc based game. Same for the 3D graphics/environments although there are a few minor issues with framerates and glitches (but most of those have been fixed in the update a few weeks ago).

I also liked the compact and welldesignedstages, the puzzles, the eerie atmosphere and music, and getting 100% collectibles.
It wasn't a particularly long game, but I found it very enjoyable and would love having a few more stages.

If you're into 3D puzzle platformers with dark atmosphere, and like exploring and puzzling for 100%, and don't abandon a game just because of a few technical issues this comes recommended.

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I'm thinking about getting Fast Racing Neo. I love racing games, but I've heard that this game has a couple glitches, and haven't bought it yet. I think there was an update for it recently... did that update fix all the problems? Also, are there a lot of players still online, since I would be playing online a lot. Thanks in advance!

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I got a 50€ card for Tokyo Mirage Sessions but it's going to be 59,99€ on the eShop which is a bit too much for me compared to the limited edition on retail, so I got a bunch of other games instead.

5 games in all:

Terraria - 19,99€
From the couple of hours I played so far, this gets really addicting and creative. Can't wait to play more. Like Minecraft (just in 2D) it has online multiplayer, tons of items and stuff to build, and a huge world filled with different types of areas, monsters and secrets.
Preview score: 9/10

Kick & Fennick - around 10€ at the sale
Great looking innovative platformer with fantastic controls and physics. I'm suprised this is so good. Shiny graphics, amazing animations, 45 well-designed stages, and a little story to round it off. Fully recommended to any platformer fan!
Preview score: 9/10

FAST Racing NEO - 11,20€ on sale
Much better than the first one. Better controls, course design, sound, music and graphics obviously. Gameplay is more like F-Zero now. Still hard as nails! I wanna play online so people should buy it!
Preview score: 9/10

B3 Game Expo For Bees - 3,99€
Awesome presentation and fun puzzles. It's a good 2 hour first person adventure with a few shooter elements. If you are into cheaper, shorter adventures that have charm and great design (like Tengami, The Quiet Collection, etc.) this is one to check out. Also, this is the first game with beemibo support!
Preview score: 7/10

Infinity Runner - around 3-4€ on sale
Fast-paced, zen-state reflex game or in shorter words: a first person runner. Fairly decent for the price
but not without some flaws (very sensitive menu controls, loading times around 15 seconds per level/restart, unskippable cutscenes)
However, I loved Master Reboot and look forward to Soul Axiom, so I'm supporting Wales Interactive with this purchase.
Preview score: 6/10

Last week I got PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate for Wii U to write a review for.
(Thank you @NekoIchigofan, I'm still playing this game until I have everything unlocked)
And that one's very fun as well. It's tower-defense strategy with some twists.
But the big YES is the 2player co-op mode. I have a friend who's into tower defense
and we're playing through the main game (more than 26 hours in) which is a lot of fun.
There are still a couple of levels to beat on the map and a few secrets to uncover,
a Challenge mode with lots more levels, and another difficulty that needs to be
unlocked somehow. The only flaw is pretty minor to me: almost useless offline highscore lists where you can't put in your name, it's just "player1" and "player2". But man this game is another Wii U highlight, especially in the strategy genre. I think it's around 7,99€ - 8,99€ and that's great value for the playtime you can get out of this one.
Preview score: 9/10

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Anyone bought the Rubik's Cube game for Wii U or 3ds? Is it worth it?



got some new games, giving them some preview/review scores

8/10 Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
original, addictive, and with lots of content. I completed one of the three main modes in 30 hours.

7.5/10 Armikrog.
great atmosphere and graphic style, good puzzles, and a very nice story, unfortunately can freeze the console.

7.5/10 Poncho
innovative exploration puzzle platformer, with a good soundtrack and well-hidden secrets, unfortunately not very polished (full review on wiiwarewave soon)

7/10 Beatbuddy
rhythm-based underwater adventure, great concept and audiovisual style, but not very polished.

6.5/10 Defend your Crypt
Nice little defense game with 60 levels and achievements, unfortunately only GamePad: it has no On-tv-Mode!!

6.5/10 Buddy & Me
lighthearted family runner with a bad framerate and lacking music variety
(my full review on wiiwarewave)

5.5/10 Bit Dungeon+
Very glitchy roguelike, repetitive, confusing and basic, main mode seems impossible to beat in current version, developer promised an update 2 weeks ago that is still not out (full review on wiiwarewave soon)

5.5/10 Twin Robots
innovative, but unbalanced and bleak co-op platformer (my full review on wiiwarewave)

5.0/10 Hot Rod Racer
Simplistic arcade racer, good for a few rounds now and then, has local and online leaderboards, and some unlockables. It's pretty ok for the 1,49€ I paid, but the graphics could still use some tweaking.

1.5/10 Tower Topple
It was just 1€ but it's not my kind of game. I like the music and the style, and props for this having online leaderboards but the gameplay is shoddy and extremely repetitive.

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Don´t recommend: PRISM PETS

I thought this game was like 1024 (from 3ds eshop) but with colors. But the only similar is that you move the blocks en 4 ways. You need to see the picture you need to create joining the colors. The bad is that every turn they change and it becomes frustrating when they ask you to create a color that isn´t possible with the only move you need to do. Maybe if this game get an update to correct this error could be more fun. Or maybe if you don´t need to wait to see what color to create and only combine colors until your screen get filled. Maybe the idea could be good but the game doesn´t.

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@SKTTR - I reallty outta look at some gameplay videos of Letter Quest. It's been getting some decent praise, but it just sounds so...weird. Also, I liked your Poncho review, it was very detailed. Good job.

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@CanisWolfred Thank you.

As for weird games, I call them original games, and I like them. ^^

Especially when it adds variety that is fun and fresh, and runs in good quality (it has way less issues than most games these days), and has 30+ hours of content for a nice price, and Letter Quest Remastered is one of those Wii U eShop games.

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I know, but...words are the enemy. Why would I want to play a game where I gotta type to win? Why would anyone ever make that?

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@CanisWolfred typing of the dead?

People keep saying the Xbox One doesn't have Backwards Compatibility.
I don't think they know what Backwards Compatibility means...

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@CanisWolfred: Because Letter Quest Remastered is not just about typing to win, it's also strategic planning of what books, weapons and items to equip and what words to make (not just any word),

Also for me it's about giving Nintendo gamers something brandnew, and not just a sequel or another platformer or partygame.

And more than anything it's about the people who enjoy such games and rate it 8/10.
I completed normal mode and it took me around 30 hours to get everything 100%.
I see myself going back to it one day to tackle hard mode and endless mode.


@SKTTR - Letter Quest started out as a mobile game, and has been ported to every modern platform under the sun. Granted, it's been winning awards all over the place, too, my point was more that my spelling's terrible, but I still kinda wanted to try it. But after watching some videos, it looks like Puzzle-Quest-meets-Scrabble, none of which is really "my thing". I'm glad you, among many others, enjoyed it. But I hated Scrabble, and my spelling is bad enough when I'm not under pressure. Nevermind not having instant access to at all times...

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yeserday I bought Zelda: Skyward Sword and this game is a blast. it takes time (very short time) to get used to motion contols but once u mastered them it feels great. I really don't understand all the hate for this game. IMO it is one of the best from series. and i'm loving every aspect of SS gameplay... yea.. even that "linearity".
highly recommended

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I bought Explody Bomb this morning for only a penny. If it's anything like "Hold Your Fire", it'll be alright (in my opinion).

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How is Adventures of Pip? It looks interesting and I was thinking of picking it up

People keep saying the Xbox One doesn't have Backwards Compatibility.
I don't think they know what Backwards Compatibility means...

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Got a few new games ready to preview/review

9.3/10 Axiom Verge (Thomas Happ Games / BlitWorks)
GOOD: Original world, thick atmosphere, great "Super Metroid" gameplay, fantastic graphics, soundtrack, secrets, online leaderboards
BAD: German translation

8.5/10 Futuridium EP Deluxe (MixedBag)
GOOD: Smooth polished gameplay, fast-paced intense action, 100+ well-designed stages, unlockables and extras, online leaderboards
BAD: It kills casual gamers.

7/10 Mahjong (Sanuk Games)
GOOD: Very nice presentation and atmosphere / 70 stages / 4 themes
BAD: Only 2D graphics / just 2 songs

7/10 Tetraminos (Sanuk Games)
GOOD: Solid clone for a fiver / 3 modes incl. 50 Puzzle Stages / multiplayer for 2-4 players
BAD: No pure Tetris mode inside. / No online play or online leaderboards.

6/10 Brick Breaker (Sanuk Games)
GOOD: Just 5 bucks, 100 stages, 3 multiplayer modes for 2-4 players, nice brick-color mechanic
BAD: Struggling with slowdown, reusing soundtrack from Tetraminos, more cloney than innovative

5/10 Bird Mania Party (Teyon)
GOOD: 4 player mode, endless rng highscore hunting, online leaderboards, achievements
BAD: my name won't show up on the online leaderboards! I'm just a blank in the rank.

1.5/10 Touch Selections (RCMADIAX)
GOOD: Peg Solitaire has 14 different boards
BAD: The scores and highscores are useless because glitchy / Looks like a videogame from 1958. / Avoider

1/10 Shooty Space (RCMADIAX)
GOOD: Nothing
BAD: Everything

  • My newest games / saving my score for later:

Soul Axiom (Wales Interactive)
SteamWorld Heist (Image & Form Games)
Severed (DrinkBox Studios)
Jotun - Valhalla Edition (Thunder Lotus Games)
Dual Core (Gray Fin Studios)
Noitu Love Devolution (MP2 Games / Konjak)
3Souls (Red Column)
SDK Spriter (HullBreach Studios)
Tachyon Project (Eclipse Games)

I'm working on reviews for Noitu Love and SDK Spriter. And when they're up, it's a damn hard decision what to play next! Most of them are real quality titles.

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9/10 SteamWorld Heist (Image & Form Games)
GOOD: Innovative roundbased strategy, charming characters, great atmosphere, good content, adding crew members, nice soundtrack
BAD: DLC costs extra / useless "hat"-DLC

8/10 Soul Axiom (Wales Interactive)
GOOD: artful and dark worlds, moody soundtrack, dark story, interesting puzzles, worthy Master Reboot sequel
BAD: Framerate issues. No quicksave.

8/10 Noitu Love Devolution (MP2 Games / Konjak)
GOOD: Fast-paced arcade gameplay in NeoGeo/MegaDrive style. Nice control options.
BAD: Very short. Wii U version is missing the in-game stats screen.

7/10 Ninja Pizza Girl (Disparity Games)
GOOD: Neat parcour platformer, many collectibles, speedrun mode
BAD: Framerate issues.

6/10 SDK Spriter (HullBreach Studios)
GOOD: Creative app for making animated characters, objects, and maps
BAD: Interface issues, lacking basic tools, not much depth

I haven't spend enough time with my other new games but I'm sure they are in the 8/10 - 9/10 range

  • Severed (DrinkBox Studios)
  • Jotun - Valhalla Edition (Thunder Lotus Games)
  • Dual Core (Gray Fin Studios)
    and 6/10 - 7/10 range
  • 3Souls (Red Column)
  • Tachyon Project (Eclipse Games)

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