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A thread to discuss downloadable content for games on the Wii U.
Confirmed titles:
New Super Mario Bros U; Extra Levels; Mentioned by developers, box
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed; Mentioned on box; Extra Characters Survey available a couple months ago
Asassin's Creed 3; Extra Missions/Playable Characters; Available Now
Avengers Battle For Earth: Extra Costumes; Unlock Everything; Available Now!

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Zen pinball 2 has it

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How is the DLC sold for WiiU games? I haven't seen it in the eShop. Do the games that have DLC have their own shops?

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Well in the eShop a game will have a special icon denoting it, though not all games with that icon have any DLC. Warriors Orochi 3 has it for example; you click it and it say "no downloadable content is available at this time," which suggests that the code needs to be put into the game in advance to support it.

Clearly you can get DLC in the eShop, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could make purchases in-game as well.

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