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What is about to happen to Wii Street U? Why won't it be free anymore from November?



Will those of us who downloaded it already be able to keep it for free?

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I don't see why not. If you had a 3DS near the middle of 2011, Zelda Four Swords: Anniversary Edition was a free download until a certain date, and those who downloaded it when it was free never lost it even after that date. Nintendo isn't going to yank Wii Street U from those who downloaded it when it was free and make them pay for it.

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I didn't even think it was cool. I would've rather prefered the full Panorama View as the "Ambassador Program." I only got the last 3 .30 games anyway.

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Has anyone who got it free deleted it from the console and can redownload it for free?
Thinking about kicking some apps but i would not delete if i can not download it again in the future for free.

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Shame, just got Wii U two days ago, would've been interesting to test this, but not dropping 5 euros just to test that. Better to just keep using the free Google Maps Street View on pc and phone.

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