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What is about to happen to Wii Street U? Why won't it be free anymore from November?



I don't see why not. If you had a 3DS near the middle of 2011, Zelda Four Swords: Anniversary Edition was a free download until a certain date, and those who downloaded it when it was free never lost it even after that date. Nintendo isn't going to yank Wii Street U from those who downloaded it when it was free and make them pay for it.

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I guess the Wii U ambassador program for everyone that won't get the NSMBU bundle is that we get Wii Street U for free, lol.

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I didn't even think it was cool. I would've rather prefered the full Panorama View as the "Ambassador Program." I only got the last 3 .30 games anyway.

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Has anyone who got it free deleted it from the console and can redownload it for free?
Thinking about kicking some apps but i would not delete if i can not download it again in the future for free.

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Shame, just got Wii U two days ago, would've been interesting to test this, but not dropping 5 euros just to test that. Better to just keep using the free Google Maps Street View on pc and phone.

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