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I've looked around quite a bit but haven't really found the answers i'm looking for.. but i apologize now if this has been posted before.

I just recently tried to connect my Wii to the internet for the first time(i know), and had no luck. I've got a 2Wire modem through ATT and have no idea what my SSID is. I know my password from the back, and have it memorized from having to use it so often, but still not sure which to put where..

Anyway.. i know that i'll be getting a Wii U later this year, hopefully with one of the discounted bundles. But seeing as i have no experience with the Virtual Console whatsoever, besides the easily accessible 3DS eShop.. i've got a few questions. I've read about the Wii Mode on the Wii U a little and so far i get that it's used to play Wii discs and Wii VC games that you previously purchased, and that for an additional buck you can get the Wii U 'features' such as restore points and playability on the GamePad.

One question i have is that if i do connect the Wii and buy LttP or something, and then buy a Wii U.. when i play it in Wii Mode is it still in Standard def? Or even if i buy it through the Wii U.. with the new features.. will it still be in Standard? I see that Super Mario World and a few are on the Wii U VC now.. so are they in HD? And i assume playing the Mario Galaxy disc through Wii Mode will be the same?

Sorry if this is unintelligible. Thanks for any help.

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Well first off if you buy a game on your Wii you WILL NOT be able to play it on the Wii U unless you do a transfer, since everything is tied to the system and not the account.

Also the dollar upgrade only works for the games that are on the Wii U eShop which is just a handful of games and only if you have them on the Wii mode on the Wii U. You can still download games from the Wiishop onto the Wii U but you can only play them in Wii mode. And again the only way you can buy previously purchased Wii VC games from the Wii mode on the Wii U is if you do the transfer before hand.

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"And again the only way you can 'buy' previously purchased Wii VC games from the Wii mode on the Wii U is if you do the transfer before hand." Do you mean play? If so i get it, for the most part. And what about the the visuals.. is there any up resing at all?



The visuals are not improved on VC games on the Wii U. They are in standard 4:3 definition, they aren't stretched like they were on the Wii.
The way the VC game upgrades work is the Wii U eshop will detect that you own a game in its catalog and you can purchase the game from the eshop for a discounted rate. Your old Wii VC game save data will not be transferred to the Wii U version and it will still be available in Wii mode. Hope that helps!

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But disc based are still stretched right? And so are the few Wii U VC games (Earthbound, Super Mario World..etc) in HD?
Thanks man. Know these questions are annoying, just want to know what i'm getting into.



Wii games and VC games aren't in HD, even in Wii Mode, you're going to have black borders around them. They simply weren't built for HD, and there's no stretching option unless the TV itself has options.

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What about retired games or channels?

(Games like Irem games, DKC trilogy, Commodore64 games, Wiiware gone like Nectaris or Diner Dash, Nintendo channel, etc)

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DarkEdi wrote:

What about retired games or channels?

(Games like Irem games, DKC trilogy, Commodore64 games, Wiiware gone like Nectaris or Diner Dash, Nintendo channel, etc)

I believe if you bought a game that was later taken down, you will be able to transfer/redownload it. Channels, however, cannot be transfered, but that's reasonable because the services from those channels are either provided by the Wii U itself (i.e. Netflix, Internet Channel) or are offline (i.e. Nintendo Channel, Everybody Votes Channel). I believe you can re-install channels from disc games (i.e. Mariokart Channel, Wii Fit Channel) if you really wanted to, but keep in mind that WiiConnect24 does not work on Wii U, so you won't get mail and channel updates in Wii mode (you will, however, get Wii U messages and updates beamed up while the system is off).

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