Topic: Why do so many people hate Indie Games?

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Well, the 8/16 bit craze is based on the popularity of certain games like Shovel Knight and everyone trying to cash in on the craze. The AAA industry certainly is no stranger to this mentality

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to be fair, no one actually plays most of the 8-bit retro stuff. Like Shovel Knight is literally the first one to get any sort of real following since the AVGN game I think?

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Oniken is pretty good. It is like Ninja Gaiden difficult but pretty fair.

They Bleed Pixels is also good.

8 Bit Boy might end up decent its still getting updated and it looks like it has the potential to be a good game but its not quite right.

Rogue Legacy is brilliant in all ways.

Tiny Barbarian DX is quite good.

Manos and the Hands of Fate (For me it gets what I remember about the NES perfect).

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Shovel Knight, Retro City Rampage, 1001 Spikes, the Bit Trip series, VVVVVV, Luftrausers, Papers Please, Hotline Miami, Terraria, World of Goo, Journey, DayZ, Rust, Trine, Don't Starve, Outlast, Child of Light, Flower, Limbo, Braid, The Stanley Parable, Bastion.........

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Actually Retro Game Crunch is brilliant I forgot about that.

It is not all basically the same like Shovel Knight. It has 7 games that are all pretty good. (Shovel Knight is probably better than any one of the games but there is 7 for the same price).

(Metroidvania / Few Platformers / Few Puzzle Games / Beat em up (With some platformer bits) / shmup.

“30fps Is Not a Good Artistic Decision, It's a Failure”
Freedom of the press is for those who happen to own one.


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