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Looks fun

People keep saying the Xbox One doesn't have Backwards Compatibility.
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@CanisWolfred what games do you think are good?!
I do agree though that games are becoming less fun due to the mainstreaming of the industry, but there are still gems to be found if you search for them.
I think this game looks reasonably fun and if it isn't expensive I'll probably download it.

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Haha, looks like an interesting game! Has an appropriately goofy story as well. I like it! I will keep an eye on this for sure.

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Yoh, can't wait. Looks oldschool fun. So many weapons and stuff to collect and a huge dungeon to explore. The worlds need more sidescrollRPGs, especially WiiU... well, technically it's not a sidescroller but you get the idea.

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I enjoy it. But my save was deleted accidentally or due to a glitch so I had to start again.

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