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It's incredible looking if a bit floaty in the psychics and at some point I will properly sit down with it and finish it

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Trine 2: Director's Cut is great! There's only one Wii U exclusive level, but out of the whole game, it was my favorite. I was really surprised by this game. I expected it to be a lot less fun, but it surpassed my expectations.



First time every playing the game both campaigns are great.. I love the visuals and the gameplay is not perfect but I love it nonetheless... beat the game and doing a replay for the spheres...

Also the online play is the real experience in the game in my opinion.. still waiting for the update for voice chat though..

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Finally beat the game - it's pretty epic. Half way through the Goblin Menace expansion pack of extra levels, they look awesome and much more action orientated than the rest of the game. Voice chat works in Europe already.

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This is all of Trine 2 I can enjoy ATM: link

................. exciting

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Just curious, how big is the memory size? Can anyone tell me?



Trine 2 - Director's Cut
File Size: 1880 MB
Save Data: 5.120 KB

File Size: 591 MB
Save Data: 1.024 KB
Update Data: 2.880 KB

Little Inferno
File Size: 85 MB
Save Data: 448 KB

Chasing Aurora
File Size: 67 MB
Save Data: 256 KB

Nano Assault NEO
File Size: 49 MB
Save Data: 256 KB

(All data from EU versions)

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only 1880 megs? why is it taking so long to download then!?!? it has been going for a couple hours now and has over 10 hours left and that number keeps growing, this is ridicilous. My 50 meg internet connection is just fine, are their servers that bogged down?



I downloaded it yesterday but the console froze during installation! It asked me to download again the whole game!!! I left home after two hours of downolad (only 40%!!!) and I don't know how it will end... Meanwhile they've taken my money...
@SteveW any news?

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i just bought the game today after trying the demo. its a great game.

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I'm going to finally pick this up now that is on sale for $9.99.

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OK so people looking for the best multiplayer game to play with the family and or friends, then this is it

Bought the game yesterday and went to my sisters house to play thios and I gotta say. We had a blast. The 3 player system works really well. The puzzles make teamwork a must but can be fun when just messing around (like standing on a block when the wizard is trying to lift it lol)

Such a blast

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Not a big fan. Multiplyer isn't that good since the wizard will often be useless and keep dying. The single player isn't really that interesting. It's not bad, I just have very little interest in playing it after the first few levels.



I like a lot this game but requires upgrade the characters and imagination to pass the puzzles. It is very fun to try different combinations to pass stages.

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I really enjoyed playing through this game the platforming to collect experience and messing around with the physics puzzles was all designed for just my tastes. Plus it's looks grand



The game is really good I had a blast playing it on psn and im wondering how many extra levels the Wii u will have

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I like the graphics and enjoying the game... stuck somewhere in the beginning with the bridge coming down. The gamepad touch controls work pretty well for me for switching characters or weapons. Otherwise I find it way too awkward and difficult to remember.

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