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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

SheldonRandoms wrote:


Is this about the 2012 TV series?

Is that April!?!?!?

Yes, that's supposed to be April.

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I'd rather they make a game based on the current series than this mess. :/



I don't think you're taking too big of a risk (money wise, install base wise or something) when porting a downloadable game to the WiiU. Test the waters I'd say.

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Tasuki wrote:

Well since Nick now owns everything TMNT related I doubt they will let anyone use the old cartoon graphics. If anything they will want people to use the current cartoon looks.

I just saw a decorative keychain at a store recently that showed a picture of the turtles as they appeared in the 80's cartoon with the new "nickelodeon" logo on it.
I'm pretty sure it was this exact picture:


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I just want the option of getting this on Wii U. It would be so perfect playing two player co op. One could have the gamepad and the other have the T.V. Man I really hope they bring it over, cause I'm really in Wii U mode right now.

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I am sorry but this game is ugly as sin. They give up the cartoon aesthetics for this horrible ugly thing?

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

I'm confused. The title tells me its not coming to the eShop for download. But when I read your post you say its not coming to Wii U in general.

Not coming to wii u in general


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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

Everyone in this thread clearly holds a lot of nostalgia for the classics.
I'm actually okay with the design. Not the best, but not bad in my opinion.

Nostalgia for the Mirage comics not that trash cartoon that came out in the 80's (no offense Waveboy).

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Nope. I like the modern cartoon, but the game designs are God awful. Wanna bet that's how they look in the new movie?



Thank GOD! It's time the world forgets about TMNT.

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TwilightV wrote:

Nope. I like the modern cartoon, but the game designs are God awful. Wanna bet that's how they look in the new movie?

The movie lost my interest the moment I heard that Megan Fox was casted as April.

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terribledeli wrote:

When Nickelodeon bought Mirage Studio studios, they had to pay off 4Kids as well (for merchandising and distribution rights since the 2003 series was a joint venture between Mirage and 4Kids). But everyone else was allowed to retain their rights to their version of the turtles. Even Peter Laird is allowed to produce some comics in the Mirage continuity every year per his buyout settlement.

To produce the Arcade game and Turtles in Time again, Nickelodeon would have to 1) Get approval from Fred Wolf Productions for use of their version of the turtles, 2) Get approval from Konami for use of their code and graphic engine, and 3) willfully ignore their own attempts to promote this new rendition of the turtles (As some have already alluded to)

And it would confuse the market place. The 2012 series, with the exception of Shredder, features totally brand new/altered versions of the villains. A kid who watches the show wouldn't know who Rocksteady is. Or why April looks so old compared to the turtles.

Yeah that's why about a year ago all Turtle games were removed from DLC Wii VC lost the NES version and X-Box & PS3 had the Arcade game for DLC and they were removed since the powers that be didn't want confusion.

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Its the same reason why the TV show wasn't able to use Bruce Wayne/Batman or Diana/Wonder Woman on the show since at the time both properties had movies in production with the Nolan movies and the continual failure of trying to get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground.

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Why would they release a game, which was universally hated by reviewers, to a console with such a small install base? Doesn't sound very profitable to me...

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They should make a good TMNT game for Wii U instead.


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The should just release Hyperstone Heist and I will be happy.

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This game stinks. The only redeeming quality it has is that the menu music is "T-U-R-T-L-E POWER"...after that it all goes downhill.

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Pretty sure this game was supposed to be based on next year's TMNT film. Pretty bad arkham rip off but it has its charms.


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