Topic: The Fall coming to WiiU looks solid, kind of like Limbo meets Super Metroid

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Watched the video, and I like the direction, the game is already funded through their crowd funding but are still accepting donations. Looks like the game is Wii U bound regardless of the crowdfunding goals.

I definitely like the limbo-like atmosphere. If combined right with the large exploration of Metroidvania type games this could be a success.



kickstarter projects plz post here


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Actually I posted here since it is already funded, and it's not talking about the kickstarter but the fact that it is already going to be made and coming.



Sleepingmudkip wrote:

kickstarter projects plz post here

He's not really begging for its support. Rather this is more of a discussion thread about the game. Carry on

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I was going to back this, but don't have the money. Glad to see I can buy this when it comes out

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Honestly, I saw the title of this thread and thought it read "This fall for the Wii U looks solid", but that's true too.

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Hey guys, the game is now (well truly offically) WiiU bound.

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I will definitely be backing this in the final hour

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