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Come here to share your artwork from Art Academy: Sketchpad!

I got the app today and surprisingly got used to it quickly. I'll still have to fiddle around with all of the many tools, of course, but here is my first drawing. It's inspired by my first decent drawing on Miiverse; the Octopus from Game & Watch's "Octopus" classic.



I've actually found Art Academy kind of hard to get used to.
This is Gub, a giant cell with a hat, happy about a worm. It was originally going to be a pudding cup, but... I can't draw pudding cups.
This is Charles the Devourer, who I created in the comments of my friend's post. He eats people.
A bunch of quick doodles.
Shrunk and Wooper, two Nintendo axolotls.
And finally, Angry Anime-ish Bionic Potato.

My Colors! 3D Gallery:
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Some of my favorites that I've done...
Toon Link
Tom Nook has the triforce.
Classic Toon Megaman
Although I am proud of these, they seem to only gather 30-50 Yeahs each... But, I'm not one to complain. Just a little dissatisfied.

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From ★ИinетeeN★
This is what happens when you cross Akuma and Mario.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Today I drew Chimecho. I'm still trying to figure out blending in this program.




Currently working on an Ameratsu/Okami sketch,
Though it's a wonderful little game/app. And certainly brings out the innovative potential of the gamepad.
And personally, I'm rather looking forward to when they release the final rendition of the game, with all features implemented.

Though these happen to be the latest two of my personal Art Academy Sketches:


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when will there be an update? like the drawing lessons etc...

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I'm almost convinced they mentioned it'd be released later this fall,
Though fall has passed, and so to has this possible promise of theirs.
So I suppose we'll merely have to wait about and see

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There's an update to art acadamy, unfortunately I have no idea what it's for. I can't find anything that's been added or removed, nor can I find any info about it.

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If I could figure it out, I'd totally share some of my little brother's works

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You can save pictures you've posted to miiverse using the Chrome browser by inspecting the page elements. I'll look up the exact method and let you guys know when I have a chance!!

In the meantime let me share a video of a picture I did using Art Academy Sketchpad. Its of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes! Would love to know what you guys think!

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