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Just rock with for a minute here. I'm speaking hypothetically if Nintendo was able to get KOTOR on the eShop would you guys buy it. Hypothecically speaking calm down tear my head off just a yes or no answer. It was one of my most fondest memories. Loved that game so much. Thanks guys.



No, since I just beat the Xbox version. Never thought I'd like it, but I did.

If you haven't though and it somehow came to the U, I would sure recommend people buy it. A great game!

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VC or HD?

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I was quite happy using a mouse with it when I played it. (Seemed to work pretty well for me when I played it on the PC).

Problem I have with it is that it isn't widescreen.

Still don't think it would ever happen but it actually has a functional ui so it might be ok on the Gamepad.

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This is one of the few Bioware games that I've missed and I love Bioware.. so yes. I'd buy it.


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I would consider giving it a go as I never got around to playing this game.




I think this might be free on EA's origin so if you have a PC you might want to look into that first.



No, but only because I own both the original and Sith Lords on Steam. Stellar games, both of them. I'd love HD remakes though. Especially if some of the bugs got fixed.


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I got the PC version via Steam, I always forget that I have it. Did not even boot it up once. So maybe because I prefer to play on consoles.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


excellent game, but this question is out of the blue

nevertheless, you can play Mass Effect 3

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Nope cause I got it on PC. Besides if it were to come out on the Wii U it would be an eShop title not a VC.

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