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Since Slender:The Arrival is made with the Unity engine do you guys see it ever coming over and would you buy?



I'd rather play haunt than Slender: The Arrival, but I don't see either coming to the Wii U.

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I don't think Slender is fit for a console experience.

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I'm not sure if it could come to eShop, but either way, I would prefer it didn't. I'd like to leave my pants unsoiled, thank you.

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Even if it WAS coming to eShop, I absolutely won't get it. The last scary game I played was Catherine for the Ps3 and had nightmares for almost a week! So yea...I REALLY hate horror games.

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This here forum is littered with 'yella-bellies... Yup, I'd love it if Slender: The Arrival arrived on the eShop!

PS: Calling it now, the headline on nintendolife will be "Slender: The Arrival is arriving on Wii U eShop!"

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I just realized Wii U has the built-in face camera.

BUILT-IN SCARE CAM! I'm not even a fan of scare cams and think this needs to happen! It would be perfect.

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I for one would be extremely happy if it came over. A while back I hit up the Primal Carnage forum and one of the devs hit me back and said it would take more resourcesvthen they had, next thing I know it's coming to the PS4. BS, oh well hopefully we get soe PC ports.



Downloaded The Eight Pages today... :S



What's so scary about the slender game?

There's really nothing about it. There's just a poorly modeled man with a white face who appears at random places around you.

Meowph, that's right!

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How about this :you look at the Gamepad, which provides a first person view, and is the controller. The TV is completely black except for creepy background noise. Then, when Slenderman catches you, the Gampad starts getting staticy, and his face shows up on the TV with screaming or something?

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Big-Daddy wrote:

Even if it WAS coming to eShop, I absolutely won't get it. The last scary game I played was Catherine for the Ps3 and had nightmares for almost a week! So yea...I REALLY hate horror games.

Wait. Wait, back up. You thought CATHERINE was scary? Did you just seriously classify it as a horror game?
I'mma letchu finish, but did you also not pick up Luigi's Mansion 2 because it had ghosts? This is hilarious.


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