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i hate it.

love my wii u as well as my 3ds xl

but this game got delayed how many times? and now i was patiently waiting for a june release date.. and now it gets delayed AGAIN?!
late summer..

what a f****** joke..



Is this slated to be a 3DS/Wii U exclusive or no? I know I'll end up getting the 3DS version just because that's where the other two are in this trilogy.



Great news, glad I can play it now.

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Man I wonder if 1/2 genie hero will get delayed.


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shingi_70 wrote:

Man I wonder if 1/2 genie hero will get delayed.

I hope 1/2 genie hero comes out by holiday 2016

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I think I might get it on Wii U instead.

shingi_70 wrote:

Man I wonder if 1/2 genie hero will get delayed.

Apparently that's another team.

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I loved the Shantae games, I will probably get this on the 3DS but I may get it on Wii U for more premuim points.

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