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Scram Kitty & his buddy on rails is an upcoming Wii U eshop exclusive that is due out in the next few months. For those that have not heard about the game it is essentially a 2D shooter where you are attached to a rail so you can only go in the direction the rail is going you can however jump from rail to rail whilst all the time you shoot at the enemy mice that many get in your way.

I played a demo of Scram Kitty a few weeks ago and was really surprised by how much fun it was so thought I would create this thread so Nintendo Life forum members can discuss this game.
This game has now become one of my most eagerly anticipated upcoming Wii U titles what does everyone else think of the game?



I played a demo at E3 and really liked it, I am looking forward to the release

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This is a game I probably would have forgotten about, but the consistent praise it's getting has gotten me interested.

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