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Does the wii u have a price drop section like the 3ds e-shop does? Just curious... I'll be looking at that section on the wii u first & for most before I download anything from the wii u e-shop when I get my wii u in april.

Thank you in advance!

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Sort of. There is an 'In the Spotlight' section which features new releases and sales relevant to that week. There's also a 'tag' at the top of the page 'Under $30' that's handy.

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There is usually an icon that says "Price Drops" and has pictures of Super Mario coins with one dropping down usually located either mid page or near the bottom.. Select that and it will list the games on sale at that time.

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Just to let you know first party Nintendo games like DKTF and MK8 don't drop in price very often if at all. Heck Mario Kart Wii is still $40

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