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Coming from Pure Nintendo:

One of the biggest hurdles for game developers is a policy that states anyone wanting to develop for a Nintendo platform, and receive a development kit, must have a dedicated business place. For many of you not familiar with the rental of office space. It is not cheap. I personally know a few developers that this policy is tying their hands in developing for the eShop.

Now first let us start with this cryptic tweet coming from Dan Adelman, who is part of business development at Nintendo."


According to sources, and rumblings that I have heard, Nintendo is indeed seriously thinking about going away from this policy. With this tweet from Adelman it seems we may be hearing news about it sooner than later. What does that mean for us as Nintendo fans? With this policy gone it will open the door for more indie developers to create games for the eShop and more."

I think Nintendo is going to make a big push for indies on its platform as a way to safeguard from possible snubbing of other major third party developers. Now with all of this indie love I wish Nintendo would start an Incubation based developer.


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Indie devs is the one BIG advantage Nintendo has over Sony and Microsoft right now so yeah they should definitively do anything they can for this. Especially if it leads to some Walking Dead or Journey level acclaim for them.

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Its one they need to Capitalize on quickly. We don't what Microsoft and Sony have planned for the next iterations of Xbla and PSN. . I know I have heard that Microsoft knows that XBLA is no longer indie friendly and is trying to rectify it.

An article with an indie studio about working with Microsoft.

Our first real interaction was meeting some of the Windows 8 guys at Develop in July 2012, around a month after our studio was officially formed. I had a chat with a great guy called Andrew Webber, and they seemed really supportive of the indie scene.

Most importantly, they seemed really honest, too.

They acknowledged that Microsoft hadn't shown appreciation towards the little guys in the past and explained that there was a big change coming with Windows 8 and Microsoft's attitudes in general.

We continued emailing back and forth for a week or two then Dlala came to the decision that we were going to do a Windows 8 game.

Nuts and bolts

But it was going to be tight – we had nine and a half weeks to take a game from concept to publishing, something which none of the team had ever done before.

Fortunately, we had a lot of support from Microsoft, who provided us technical support whenever we were asking questions that there were no answers to on the net.

It was also the guys at Microsoft who introduced us to Will Freeman at Develop magazine, which led to Dlala featuring on the cover of Develop's October 2012 edition – a massive highpoint for us.

Microsoft put me forward for a few talks, too, and this year alone I went from being told I wasn't media trained enough to do any talks, to speaking at TIGA events, Apps World Europe, Evolve, Ignite and getting invited to do more next year.

It has felt like we've had this big brother there to look after us and it's been completely invaluable.

Now things are changing a lot with at Dlala. We've moved into the Microsoft building in Soho and are working directly with Microsoft.


Hey check out my awesome new youtube channel shingi70 where I update weekly on the latest gaming and comic news form a level headed perspective.

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