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So I have Pikmin 3, and I have recently seen the DLC. I am wondering if the DLC is worth the purchase...

Does anyone have any insight on this??

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I personally have loved the Mission Mode (I have a soft spot for games based on improving on your score...), so if you liked it too they're definitely worth the very small price (2€/2$) - granted, the first pack is actually a remix of already known locations with new stuff thrown in, but at that price I see no good reason not to show Nintendo that DLC can work well on Wii U. I don't know about pack two - I'll get it tomorrow when it comes out, first thing in the morning.
If I remember correctly, with the software update comes one free new Mission Mode level, so you can see for yourself if it's a waste of coin. It is not, it's a bloody good DLC at a fair price.

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Totally worth it if you like the mission and battle modes. But don't take my word for it. Update the game and you should get a mission from each dlc for free to test yourself.



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