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The breaking news is that I want this right now, hurry it up already



The game is still in the making.
One of the main programmers is the creator of well known emulators for the dreamcast. The game will be out on the dreamcast as well as on all the modern platforms.
I'm the person handling the cutscenes and character art of PSHD. Which was also the case of the original version in pixel art.
Watermelon is also in the process of creating a brand new zelda style action rpg for the snes as well as a beatem all (street of rage/final fight) with huge sprites for the genesis/megadrive.
For my part, I'm also working on a still undisclosed project for WM.
You can visit here to check the news

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Huh, I didn't remember it was coming to Wii U as well - I threw my money to the lot when I had no intention of buying a Wii U yet. Looking through the KS updates, I get the idea that the Wii U version is not given out as a reward on any pledge tier, though. So, I'll probably give the Wii U port a miss and play the PC version instead.

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