Topic: Pier Solar HD Will Feature 10 Hours of Additional Content According To Video Game TV Show X-Play!

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It looks like Pier Solar HD isn't just a simple HD port of Pier Solar: And The Great Architects! What do you think about this Director's Cut content that will be present in the game? PS. I tried to find a link to this news online, but couldn't so if any of you find a link to this info please be sure to post it! Anyways what kind of bonus content are you hoping for in Pier Solar HD? I hope there will be an extended story and bonus dungeons myself, but what about you?


X-play is still alive?

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.
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this game is an old school JRPG


(no I dont care I'm assuming, nor am I saying this is a bad thing)

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noone played this game. I will buy it day one even tough the reviewsare average. I want this guys to be rich ! making a genesis game like they did : respect

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