Topic: Pier Solar HD Will Feature 10 Hours of Additional Content According To Video Game TV Show X-Play!

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It looks like Pier Solar HD isn't just a simple HD port of Pier Solar: And The Great Architects! What do you think about this Director's Cut content that will be present in the game? PS. I tried to find a link to this news online, but couldn't so if any of you find a link to this info please be sure to post it! Anyways what kind of bonus content are you hoping for in Pier Solar HD? I hope there will be an extended story and bonus dungeons myself, but what about you?

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X-play is still alive?

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Not that it matters, this is old news. It was announced during the Kickstarter that the third stretch goal was 10+ new side quests and more than 4 new mini-games, as well as new music:

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this game is an old school JRPG


(no I dont care I'm assuming, nor am I saying this is a bad thing)

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noone played this game. I will buy it day one even tough the reviewsare average. I want this guys to be rich ! making a genesis game like they did : respect

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@CanisWolfred The episode that aired must have been one of the last ones given the fact that it ended in early 2013, but regardless I'm glad that other people heard about the bonus content as well!

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