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Aside from the first couple that came out at launch there have been no additions or mention of additions. I may be out of the loop on this but I can't find any info anywhere. My kid simply loves these and I really like them as well, especially for $2. Anyone out there have any info?


Since they're having them on sales right now, I'd think it probably didn't have quite the success. This is something meaningful once the install base is there in my opinion, so I'm thinking we won't see more of them until that happens.

But no, I don't have any tangible info, save for the sales. :/


i can live without them. London and Birdview were ok, Rio was bad. Nothing really outstanding, too frequent automatic perspective switches take you out of your imaginative travel and confuse, and it's extremely repetitive because it's always the same.

The originality of this app wears thin pretty fast imo.
I hope they do something better.... Make a railshooter-kinda game out of this tech, instead of 8 minute lowres videos.


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