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I love how Nintendo changed their attitude towards small developers and opened the floodgates for everyone to make games on Wii U easily.
That was a major announcement around the time Wii U launched, and a step into the right direction. And today we're swimming in the first wave.

Yes, it means there will be underwhelming 'rookie' games from first time developers taking their chance, but more quantity means more diversity, more interesting indie games, more lowpriced games, new talents, and certainly a few gems some day.

There are enough indicators you can combine to see if a game is good or not (reviews, Miiverse, videos/let's plays, Stars rating on the eShop, etc.) so there's minimal room for nasty surprise, unless you're in a blind shopping frenzy.

Developers can and do participate in Miiverse, at least for getting firsthand impression/feedback if not directly communicating to their users. Which is another huge step into a new and better gen.

The big change is letting go of old standards, and more than ever inform yourself about the wave of games that is coming each week, and ultimately support what you like.
That's what this thread is for.

I'm starting off with four North American-only eShop games (I would like to buy in Europe), that are developed by very small indies and seem overlooked.

ZaciSa's Last Stand - I have only one issue with this game. It looks like every text is in Arial (or some other unaltered generic character set), and somehow, for me, this takes away a chunk of a game's personality and gets in the way of a stylish presentation. Still, I like that it's a very cheap and unique tower defense, and that a free update is coming refining the gameplay, adding more content, and patching the bugs. If it was 5€ in the European eShop I'd pick it up.

Chubbins - Now on sale in NA, this game has all issues adressed and updated (can save now after each stage instead of each world) and is a much more comfortable and enjoyable game than before. I like the simple mechanics and pure gameplay this hardcore platformer seems to provide. Worth up to 5€ to me.

Internal Invasion / GEOM - Puzzlers that seem fairly competent in their initial state already for their asking price. Sure, they're not exceptionally flashy, but if you like the genre at least there's something available decent enough for little money.

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I think Nintendo has the perfect balance right now. It allows devs to put whatever on but they aren't allowing a mass flood of irrelevant garbage like what Steam has been doing more and more of.

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I also like how there isn't much marketing space. On Xbox 360 there were times where I felt an entire game's budget must have been used for marketing as that game would basically take over the market place. The eShop has a banner and a promotion but it doesn't make it any harder to navigate

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