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PS3 = Free Digital copy as long as you are PSN subscriber
WII u eShop = 75$ in UK

And then EA complain that they can't sell anything on Wii U.

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Fits of all, its closer to $70 (inc VAT), and secondly, we use £.

And btw, saying something is free, if you've paid for it, is pretty damn funny



Over here in the US it's actually cheaper.
PS3 and XBOX 360 versions are $40
Wii U and Vita versions are $30. At least at Gamestop.

Edit: Actually, it gets better on Amazon, where the Wii U version is $18.78, the PS3 version is $34.09 and the 360 version is $33.74. Nearly half the price for the better version folks. Hop on it, that's a fantastic deal.

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sinanziric wrote:

WII u eShop = 75$ in UK

When did we use dollars and since when have games ever been that expensive in the United Kingdom? Unless you're talking about another country...

I was going to say ShopTo, but they took it off. £37.99 on Amazon. £40.99 in Game. So yeah, pretty expensive in the UK.

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And yet the high street shops seem to have forgotten that it exists on the WiiU.

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