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I love the game very cute and challenging at the same time... never played the 3ds version so I cannot comment on the hyper drive stages...

not sure if its worth a double dip if already have it on the 3ds...

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eh, I already have it on the 3DS that I got for $3. it's a decent game, but it's too short and frustrating for me

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Worth every penny.

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Got it on sale today. I've been enjoying it so far.

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So if we already have the 3DS version (I loved it), is there any reason to get this one?

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When I went to download the MH3U demo, I saw this was on sale, so I figured I'd get it cheap. Still haven't played it yet.


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Definitely worth buying a second time.
Such a great game, the Wii U version looks great and the Hyper levels add some real challenge to it.


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I got it on sale and I love it! My favorite eshop game so far!

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I got it a while back on sale, just now getting around to it, I love the shooting aspect, but the puzzle aspect, not so much. But it will scratch your 2D platforming itch.

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This games pretty cool. It's hard to get the par times to unlock the extra stages.


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It's a fun game. A few stages that pretty much only use the "boost" blocks (the ones that shoot you in different directions) to construct puzzles kind of frustrated me, but the vast majority of the levels were wicked fun. I have almost everything cleared, including the "hyper" levels or whatever they are called after you beat it the first time through.



Mighty Switch Force 2 is confirmed. I hope it comes to Wii U! I want to buy this so it can encourage WayForward to make a Wii U version of MSF 2.


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I've been playing Mighty Switch Force 2 on the 3DS, and it's even better than the original. The career change also changes the gameplay, and the stages are designed differently. As a result, the game feels different as well, even with that great MSF vibe and catchy music. Hope it will come to the Wii U too.

Also, it's worth noting that the original Mighty Switch Force is on sale right now on the Wii U and 3DS eShops, so this is a nice chance to grab it if you haven't already. But Mighty Switch Force 2 is a good starting point too, and it might appeal to some of the people who thought the first game was too short.



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