Topic: Is Coaster Crazy Deluxe Coming To North America Tomorrow As Well?

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In Europe The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Edge HD, and Coaster Crazy Deluxe are all coming to their Wii U eshop, but in North America only the first two games are confirmed for there any indication that North America will be getting Coaster Crazy Deluxe? In any case this'll be a good week with multiple Wii U eshop titles released!

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Looks like it did. Based on the title I thought it was going to be a game about drink coasters, I'm not sure what to think now.



Anyone played this then?

I wanna know if it's any good.

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Yes, played this for an hour today. Got this alongside EDGE. Unfortunately had not enough cash for Mysterious Cities of Gold.

Anyway, so far it's fun unlocking new parts, lands, and doing missions, leveling up and building crazy rollercoasters. Cool mechanics and physics. The controls and online are quite good as well. Minor flaws I noticed were cut-off screentext, a stubborn tutorial/intro, and no GamePad audio (like Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams).
I think it's worth it for that price. Just 6,70€ here.


The audio is freezing for me.

Sigourney Beaver.


In fact, just crashed the whole system

Sigourney Beaver.


Hi SigourneyBeaver, I'm the community manager at Frontier Developments (makers of Coaster Crazy). We believe the issue you're experiencing is caused by connecting a Wiimote whilst playing. We should have an update to fix this issue released very soon, until then you should be able to play it fine so long as you don't connect a Wiimote whilst doing so. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully this wont be an issue for much longer.



I suddenly had the sound buzzing all the time while creating a track and then later it completely crashed (in the loading screen) after finishing the coaster.


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