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So Nintendo has been popping the Ice Climbers in Melee, Brawl, and presumably Smash 4; why aren't they doing anything with them? I understand characters like R.O.B and Game&Watch can be hard to reinvent, but I feel Ice Climbers has just as much potential as a series like Punch-Out!!!

What if they released an Wii U E-Shop title that had you control Popo and Nana in a fashion similar to the police in Nintendo Lands Sweet Day game? The triggers would make them swing their hammers and pressing up on the sticks would make them jump. The base of the iceberg is shown on the Gamepad, but the high point is on the TV, with clouds and mist giving the feeling that you are looking from a distance. Shaking the Gamepad would clear your view, but might cause an avalanche. Put flag points on various hard to reach points of the iceberg and you would have to strategically platform and swing each other to the places with the ropes. When you finally reach the top, you get a star rating judging on your time, flag points reached, and amount of ropes deployed.

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I want a new Ice Climbers, but I want it retail. Maybe it could be a vertical, 3D platformer with a fruit at the top of each mountain. Ah, that would be epic...

I like your idea about shaking the Gamepad...That sounds cool!

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Got a survey from Nintendo Europe last week asking me about how well known I thought some Nintendo franchises were. The only surprise in the list was Ice Climbers. Maybe they're actually planning something new with them.

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I definitely want a new Ice Climbers but would prefer it if it was a title for eshop rather than retail. I'm not sure Ice Climbers demands a big game worthy of retail any more.



I think it's untapped potential. I was playing Smash the other day and then realized how unused they are as characters and thought of game ideas and yeah... they can do tons of stuff with them! I really hope Nintendo revives them, plus they can use their Smash fame to kickstart the franchise.


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It should be called....
Ice Climbers!: Chain Grabbing Supreme, in which you chain grab people to their deaths.

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I would love to see a New Ice Climbers. I think today's tech could produce a awesome platformer

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