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Can't quite decide if this goes here or Wii U forum.

Using Lego City as the example; buying from retail the game has lengthy loading times. If I buy from the eShop will these loading times decrease or remain the same? In general, would all games be quicker?



no even though dl games could have faster loading times when running from internal wii u memory or harddrive i think they're forced to run the same speed as disc games. some games use their loading screens for information or minigames, and in some cases shorter loading times would create problems. i think many games could be optimized to have faster loading times, but other than two slightly alternate versions (TANK! TANK! TANK! DL that has no notable difference in loading times and Funky Barn which I think has a slightly different intro because the dl version is by a different publisher) there aren't any examples.


I don't know disc read vs HDD speed, but definatley if compared to the internal memory games download quicker and load up quicker on HDD.
There are cases where the download versions of games run faster than disc On other platforms but thats due to optimization work. I'm not sure if any DL editions of WiiU games have had optimization and unless the developer announces they theres no way of telling unless someone brought a game on disc and as a download and noticed any load time difference.

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