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Hey there! Shin'en has already made amazing games in the past, but what do you think their new games are for the Wii U? I would hope it would be a sequel to fast racing league. What about you guys?

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Jett Rocket HD (Either II on a home console or a 3rd game)
Art of Balance HD (This would look crisp in HD)
Fun! Fun! Minigolf HD


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DePapier wrote:

F.A.S.T. Racing League on the Wii U. Gimme that indie F-Zero!!!!!!

Imagine with those HD graphics, and off TV play... O_O

MrSRArter wrote:

Jett Rocket HD (Either II on a home console or a 3rd game)
Art of Balance HD (This would look crisp in HD)
Fun! Fun! Minigolf HD

Art of balance would look BEAUTIFUL in HD but i don't know how they can use the gamepad.. Never played any of the Fun! Fun! Minigolf games, are they good?

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I hope it's not Art of Balance. I already bought it for both Wiiware and 3DS, and it will be super boring.
FAST is a great idea.
Even better a new original game.

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I thought they already anounced something with F.A.S.T. coming? I'm pretty sure it's F.A.S.T. though, since Jett Rocket already has the 3DS game and Fun! Fun! minigolf isn't much fun on a bigger screen. With everyone screaming for a new F-ero installment, it'll be great to at least have an alternative. I'd buy it in a flash.

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Art of Balance HD would be great with much more levels. I always thought the WiiWare version was too short. I know there's a bigger/better 3DS version, but I'm not into handhelds that much anymore because I'm a gamer that needs to show off my skills to my friends on a big screen.

A game like Jett Rocket II would definately benefit on a bigger screen. I liked the WiiWare version (best 3D platformer on WiiWare) but the 3DS is below Shin'ens capabilities. With their technical knowledge they should focus on Wii U, especially with a beautiful game like this.

Never tried FUN! FUN! Minigolf, (I already had Wii Sports and Resort Golf, and We Love Golf! on Wii) but heard good things, so that would be another title I would consider getting on Wii U.

FAST is a different story. Personally speaking it's not a contender for F-Zero. The gameplay doesn't match at all, the controls aren't as tight, and the 4p mode is quite forgettable due to the surprisingly low framerate in splitscreen.
Also it was frustratingly difficult early on, so I could never beat all cups (I mastered F-Zero GX though). With enough enhancements I'd buy a sequel cheap, but I'd rather go back and play F-Zero GX or try and beat the original FAST first.

So yeah, I'd pick up Jett Rocket II on Wii U in a heartbeat, followed by Art of Balance HD. Minigolf and FAST sequels need to convince me more. Also interested in original projects or other Shin'en stuff I skipped because they were handheld-only.


Remember when that guy posted on Twitter that he wishes for a new F-Zero game on Wii U and Shin'en replied with "We've got you covered"? I do, and its why I believe we will see FAST on Wii U.
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I hope it is a good game. I have Nano Assault EX and it does not deserve the 9 NLife gave it.

Jett Rocket is boring and I regret spending 1000 precious points on it.

I only played the demo but I didn't like FAST Racing League neither.

I did like Art of Balance although it has some horrible almost unbeatable levels.

So far Shin'en has showed they know how to squeeze hardware but they don't develop good games. I think they're overrated because of Nintendo's software enviroment over the last years. Their games would go unnoticed on other platforms. This might be harsh but if you look at psn, steam or xbla you'll have to admit I'm not talking nonsense...

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I'm going to say FAST Racing League 2 and a new IP.


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