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This could have been a decent, mediocre, but addictive game for everyone who's into these build up your own farmland games.

But it's hold back by a few major issues.

1. First, it was a full price 49,99€ game. And it is not worth it in this day and age for a game of this caliber getting such a high price. Months later the eShop Download Version was reduced to 32,99€ and now it's 14,99€ - the price it should have cost right from the beginning. I got for this price, beat it, and I think it's still too much because...

2. Crashing/bugs: I'm upset about the rush-for-launch nature of this game and that there still is no update after 9 months. There is a certain bug that always crashes your game (you cannot 100% your farm because of it) and automatically brings up the Home menu screen. You should close the game at this opportunity because if you try to go back into the game the system will freeze.

3. Controls, interface: With all the control options and with two screens this game seems to be a perfect fit for the Wii U, however you just feel it wasn't tailored for it, but hastily ported. With no off-tv gameplay, and mostly uncomfortable usage of the second screen there's the feeling of missed opportunities on all ends.

4. Nintendogs-like petting:
Randomly scratching and rubbing the stylus over the animals on your touchscreen to keep em happy is a repetitive boring chore that's totally out of place in a farm sim. Away with that messy kasual mashup krap.

5. Loooooaaaaaaaaaaaa....ding times: The game isn't huge in any way, and the graphics aren't good either. But the game takes almost 3 minutes(!) to load. And you always watch the same bad newspaper comic art diashow during your wait. No skipping. Now, combined with crashing you'll get to watch this a lot of times. Like a punishment. For buying the game.


lol. Why would you even get this game, anyway? Just get Harvest Moon instead. That game is the bee's knees.


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From the Harvest Moon series I have

  • Harvest Moon (Wii SNES VC)
  • Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii)
  • Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility (Wii)
  • Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (Wii)
  • Rune Factory Frontier (Wii)

So, yeah. I have enough Harvest Moon for ages to come. But other than the farming theme, there's nothing common.

Funky Barn is more like SimCity, a 'godsim' where you just point and click, while Harvest Moon looks and plays like an adventure game.

When the genre is completely different the recommendation is not a real substitution.


Harvest Moon is my favorite franchise. But this Funky Barn ... My wife bought it for me for Christmas, figuring it was close enough to Harvest Moon. One snowy Saturday I dropped the thing in my Wii U, and it was a blast. Yep, it crashes every hour or so. But it's actually a fun and very addictive little game. Of course, $49.99 is a lot of money for this game. $15 would be about right.

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