Topic: DuckTales Remastered revealed at PAX East 2013 by Capcom

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The basis for this whole argument was that I was under the false impression that the song used in the trailer was a new rendition. I was proven wrong, and I (eventually - after given a link to a video) admitted that. I'm sorry for sending this discussion off on this tangent and making myself look like such a fool.

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I wanted to leave a comment here but nothing I post is showing up in the Articles. I just wanted to say this:

The show and video game were both great. It's a shame that developers make games that hold the gamer's hands so much these days. Not only were games harder in the 80's and early 90's but...there was no internet to go to for help!

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Some new DuckTales Remastered Transylvania Footage
Scrooge definitely has a lot more life this time around.

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@Ryno - Man, that footage looks awesome! I can't wait for this to get released. I also watched the IGN video that shows the two games side by side. It's amazing how every enemy, obstacle, and treasure chest from the new game is exactly in the same place as it was in the original. Attention to detail like that and the devs mission to keep true to the original game has got me pretty stoked!

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(can we shorten the topic to just the games title? Sorry I guess I'm being OCD).
I am hoping for at least a release date soon! Would like to play it soon.

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I saw a playthrough of the Amazon level during the E3 presentation and I have to say it brought a smile to my face. The first part of the level was exactly the same as the original game, and I mean everything. The enemy placing, where the items were etc. At times I found myself saying that the players missed this item over there on the play through and such lol. The little differences I did see was that they added cut scenes at certain points in the level. Like in the part of the Amazon level where you have to use Launchpad to get pass a chasm.

Other than that I can't wait for this game. Its probably my most anticipated title this summer.

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luisesteban wrote:

Splat wrote:

bezerker99 wrote:

DuckTales: Remastered now has release dates for NA and EU. August 13th and 15th respectively.

Getting on PS3 can't wait!

Talking about supporting the Wii U

I don't own one. It doesn't have enough games that interest me. That's another topic let's keep this one about DuckTales.

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Too young to play the original, might pick it up later next year

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New trailer!

It looks like they're saving the Moon for last!

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Going to be picking this one up today, But first I think I will start off with playing the original. Wooo-hooo!

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Moved to the eShop section of the forums. Carry on :3

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Just got back from the store with my card and I am downloading right now as I type this.

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