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the reason why im asking this is because i have had this same problem with the Playstation Vita and i had to return it sadly back to gamestop because the bill was overlly priced that i had to pay and i was just way to much im hoping that there isnt a bill to keep the wii u games since the nintendo wii u is running on its own network Nintendo Network.
i was also asking because i know it says Data instead of blocks like the 3DS ESHOP OR the nintendo wii but i dont know if i have to pay a bill to keep my games if soo someplease respond quick.



...There's no bill.

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If you buy a game, it's yours to keep.
There's no monthly fees and they're not going to take it back from you.


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Wha, what are talking about with the vita, did you get a 3G vita with a data plan? Did you get PSplus too? And no there is no continual bill with your Wii U.

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Yeah that bill you were getting was just for the internet connection. Your data and games were safe.



There's a bill to pay every month to keep your data and games with the Playstation Vita? That's news to me since I've had my Vita for several months and I haven't had to pay anything except if I want to buy a game off the PSN or subscribe to PS+ which you don't have to subscribe to PS+ if you don't want to it's just an extra bonus.

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BenAV wrote:

If you buy a game, it's yours to keep.
There's no monthly fees and they're not going to take it back from you.

This. As others have already said, depending on the model of Vita you had and whether you had picked up any of the freebies from PS+ or not, there were extenuating circumstances involved in that situation. There are no monthly fees required for the Wii U's internet capabilities, nor are you required to continue paying a monthly fee to access all of your games. Hope we've managed to allay any fears for you :3

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