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Hey guys, really sorry to just barge in here like this, but I was told by someone on NeoGaf that this is the place to ask. I'm working on a game called Cosmochoria about a little naked space man who plants seeds and kills aliens. Im running a kickstarter and trying to spread the word because we're closing in on the $25,000 for the WiiU Stretch goal.. Do you guys know anywhere I should be trying to get the news to?

Here's the kickstarter page:

Huge respect,

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I am afraid you were a bit misinformed. For one thing creating a thread just to advertise is against the rules here, however you can put any links in your signature.

Also we do have a kickstart thread for projects just like yours and you are more then welcome to post your info there

But please dont beg or ask for contributions. Just post the info about the game with the link and if people want they will help fund your project.

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Yikes, im very sorry Tasuki, i meant no harm, truly. I'll post my campaign link in the thread you posted. I definitely agree with the begging rule. I respect peoples decisions to back or not once they see the game.

Thank you for being diplomatic with me, I am sorry for any offence I caused.

With Respect

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