Topic: Cosmic Star Heroine might be coming to the Wii U eshop :)

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Um...WiiWareWave another website that I visit for news about Nintendo confirmed that Zaboyd Games might release their Kickstarter rpg Cosmic Star Heroine sometime in the future!
Um...the game has a lot of similarities to Chrono Trigger.

Here is a link to the article...

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Thanks for posting this @Epona! Yeah the game looks amazing and since it's heavily influenced by Chrono Trigger I think it would be fitting to release the game on a Nintendo console.

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That's interesting. I'd personally rather wait to get it for the PS4, but it's nice to know some others might be able to enjoy it on their preferred consoles as well.

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I would love for this game to come to Wii U. I love their other games!

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The game does look interesting.



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