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I've played this game only on PC (I was a Kickstarter supporter), but...

1) The story mode levels, while computer-generated, were selected by real people for the campaign. As such, they should not vary as far as I know.
2) I find the arcade modes - Escalation and Time Crisis in particular - to be the Real Content. The latter is very much like an infinite runner, since there's not often much reason not to press right all the time.

I cleared chapter 6 and did a few levels into chapter 7, but not many.

I don't regret that I put in $15 in the Kickstarter project. Right now, I have 15 hours clocked in with the game on Steam. But, as always, YMMV. My bottom line: From an average player's perspective, Cloudberry Kingdom might appear to be a glorified Flash game. Thanks to its random-generated levels, it has plenty of replayability, but only in small pieces. For people who like score attack games, the online leaderboards the game has (on PC!) would appear to be the main draw.

"The review score of 6 becomes a 9 when looked at another angle. And vice versa." -me?


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