Topic: Buddy and Me now confirmed for Wii U if Kickstarter reaches aditional stretch goal of $55000

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Sunbreak games just announced on their Kickstarter that if they hit the $55000 goal they will port the game to the WiiU eShop, I think the art style looks really charming and it will be interesting how they will implement the touch controls in this game. It still has 7 days left but many things could happen by then.
If you think this game deserves to be in the WiiU eShop go hit the Kickstarter Campaign



That looks really cool but I would want it for Wii U and that means I have to wait to see if they hit their goal before I can support it. I hope it makes it

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hey there, we've got a thread for users to post Kickstarter projects they feel are interesting right here if you're interested. Please feel free to post this project there. Thank you! :3

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