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Topic: Buddy and Me now confirmed for Wii U if Kickstarter reaches aditional stretch goal of $55000

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Sunbreak games just announced on their Kickstarter that if they hit the $55000 goal they will port the game to the WiiU eShop, I think the art style looks really charming and it will be interesting how they will implement the touch controls in this game. It still has 7 days left but many things could happen by then.
If you think this game deserves to be in the WiiU eShop go hit the Kickstarter Campaign




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That looks really cool but I would want it for Wii U and that means I have to wait to see if they hit their goal before I can support it. I hope it makes it

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hey there, we've got a thread for users to post Kickstarter projects they feel are interesting right here if you're interested. Please feel free to post this project there. Thank you! :3

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