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I'm looking to buy Art Academy on the Wii U for my kids.
I'm a little confused. Right now you can buy Art Academy: Sketchpad (for 3.99), but in October they are releasing a new version of this game, simply called Art Academy?
The new one, will have lessons built-in? Does Art Academy: Sketchpad have lessons built-in?



it says "coming soon". Are you sure you want to get that game for your kids? If you do, get a screen protecter because its easy to scratch the screen and not even notice with drawing apps

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Sketchpad doesn't have any lessons. It's just the drawing component of Art Academy. The Art Academy game that's coming later this year will have lessons, just like all the other games in the series.


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Sketchpad seems to have been an incomplete Art Academy rushed out the door to capitalise on the explosion of artists using Miiverse. It even has menu selections for lessons which don't work, but state "coming soon." Now Nintendo hasn't been terribly up-front about this, but it seems to me that Sketchpad could be upgraded to the full Art Academy release with DLC and that would be more fair to the people who bought Sketchpad, rather than just leaving that app as-is, meanIng you'd be buying a partially redundant app to get the other content. I know my daughter was very happy with Sketchpad, but she's been patiently waiting for the other content.

Right now I'd say you're taking a chance buying Sketchpad, but I find it very hard to believe that Nintendo would stiff anyone who bought the Sketchpad app.

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thanks for the info. sounds like I should wait for art academy.

my son is 8 and is usually careful enough with the gamepad...i think it would be ok if we used it for that.



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