Topic: Art Academy Sketchpad now available.

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Go download it, and make sure you draw fantastic pictures.

Price: $3.99 if you live in NA. I don't know other currencies price.

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4 Euros and 3.5 pounds in Europe

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Glad Nintendo is bringing across some of their more "Academic" games across.
Games like "Brainage" and "Wii Fit" were their saving grace last generation after all. And with the Miiverse Community this seems like the perfect title to draw in all those casual players that Nintendo has gotten so involved with these last few years. It isn't of course a system seller, I'm not even entirely sure if system sellers can exist anymore in the digital entertainment industry. Though the Wii U is certainly shaping up to become a great system

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This is one of those small apps that's important as the Wii U really gets on a roll. I've had this feeling before as a Nintendo console begins to hit it's stride!



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