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Paradise Lost: First Contact is yet another Wii U developed game that can be forgotten. In it's Christmas Kickstart Backer update comments the developer responded that Wii U version will not happen and once they someday get the PC version ready, they will look into porting it to Switch.

As with Yooka-Laylee, this was promoted in Kickstarter project as being mainly a Wii U, Ouya and PC game. But the project it already two years late from it's original launch date. The PC demo however was great, they released that for all backers during Christmas.

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@Kolzig Well, thank you for the update. I got a little list of my own in a .doc file I gotta update soon, so I'll try to remember that when I get around to it.

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Double11 who were working last year on Limbo Wii U have confirmed that they are no longer working on the port when I asked about that in an email.

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