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I was just looking through Kickstarter to see if there were any interesting games slated for the Wii U, and I found a couple I hadn't heard about before (if they were already featured here, I either missed them or forgot).

The first one, Sword 'n' Board, looks pretty promising in my opinion. It appears to be very Zelda-esque, not unlike Ittle Dew, and the creator says he wants to make it reminiscent of games back when imagination was a requirement. The story is about a kid who loses his game console, and must gather all its pieces, which have scattered throughout the game. The creator formerly worked with both Big Fish Games and Hash Bang Games. Sword 'n' Board's only just over $1000 away from its goal, but it only has 6 days left. To get the Wii U version you must pledge $15 or more.

The second game is a bit more vague. Titled Elodia, it's a turn-based RPG. The story seems to be rooted in romance, and involves a plague of some sort. There's not a ton of information, but there's certainly potential. This one is over $14,500 away from its goal, but still has 25 days left. That said, the Wii U version appears to be a stretch goal, and would need over $29,000 more. I'm not certain, though, because the Wii U version is listed with the PC version, but then again in the final stretch goal. Maybe it changed since the campaign was launched?

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