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bezerker99 wrote:

It's...Balloon Fight ffs. Who cares? It's lame on both Hz settings.

It's NOT just Ballon Fight though. It's F-Zero, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, Link to the Past...
All games we dont want to see in 50hz when the VC launches.


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This decision is ludicrous on NOE's part. It's an insult to the game designers and the musicians who originally made these games to lower the speed by 17.5%, since the games were designed to run at 60 Hz., It especially rings true today, since there's really no excuse to keep it that way. I can't imagine it to be hard by any stretch either, since all they'd have to do is make the game run 17.5% faster than the PAL version. Since VC games are emulated, it's not like it's be hard to do that.

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Best thread ever
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@moomoo You're absolutely right, I'm sure they can do it somehow, it's in this day and age that Nintendo shouldn't be practising this level of dishonesty when selling us these inferior versions. If they can do it for 3DS, then I can't see why they couldn't do it for the WiiU eShop.

I spoke to Nintendo Customer Service yesterday, I told them of the issue and they said they were intended to be 50hz on the WiiU, they pretty much didn't want to take the issue seriously because of just one person complaining, so can't we all try and let them know so this issue becomes more serious? I'm pretty sure all the posts on Miiverse have done nothing to catch their attention, despite there being a ton of people refusing to buy the next trial VC games.

You know, I can't believe how difficult it is to talk to someone on customer service about any kind of issue, they never have much info to go on and this is because HQ doesn't let them know much about their products until they're ready to advertise. For example, I also asked whether or not they knew if Cave Story was gonna be released on the 3DS eShop here in Australasia (and in Europe) and despite there being an official OFLC rating for the game and an official announcement over twitter by Nicalis, they still don't know anything about it's release, believe me I've asked them like three times about it and they still don't know.

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SCAR392 wrote:

There is always a constant battle for what could be, and what was. If they release a 60hz version for Europe, they better release a 50hz option for here in U.S./Japan. This should shed more light on the situation. Let us control our hz rate Nintendo! Whether it be 30, 50, 60, 120, 240, 480, or 600hz! Letting us control the hz output would be ideal really...

It’s not that simple. The problem isn’t inherited in running the games at 50hz, but in the PAL ROMs themselves. Forcing the PAL ROMs to run 17.5% faster also wouldn’t fix the issue, as many games were partially optimised to compromise for their boarders and slowdown for their original release. There’s also the rare game that was optimised for its PAL release and runs at proper gameplay speed (eg. Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country). It’s a very complicated thing that varies in specifics from console-to-console and game-to-game. The only reasonable solution is to just offer the NTSC ROMs, which is what the 3DS Virtual Console does.

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Geonjaha wrote:

This is Europe, so Nintendo of Europe doesn't make the decisions...
Seems legit.


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It's actually not that easy to adjust pal games to run 60hz. Many pal games were heavily optimized. forcing them to run at 60hz would spoil several issues like text running to fast etc

It certainly not "click on 60hz in settings and DADA!"-easy

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50Hz put me off many downloads on the original the VC, which was otherwise a great idea in theory. I'd guess it mattered to a lot of retro gamers. If the VC transfer was better, it would provide more of an incentive to invest in the new console.

I dont think that many games were optimised? I never had an NES so cant speak for that, but of the 50 or so PAL Megadrive games I have, only a couple glitch when switched to 60Hz, specifically Konami stuff like Castlevania and Turtles Hyper Stone Heist.

Streets of Rage 2 glitches in PAL 60Hz, but you can boot the game in 60Hz with the region switched to Japan, get to play 'Bare Knuckle 2' instead! My PAL Master System games run correctly in 60Hz.

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Looks like i'll be building up my NES VC collection on my 3DS. The music sounds better in 60hz and the controlsdo not feel as sluggish.



Ristar42 wrote:

I dont think that many games were optimised? I never had an NES so cant speak for that, but of the 50 or so PAL Megadrive games I have, only a couple glitch when switched to 60Hz, specifically Konami stuff like Castlevania and Turtles Hyper Stone Heist.

SEGA games were optimised much less often. While most first party SNES games had at least partially optimised boarders and speed (I think the music always ran at full speed thanks to the SNES having a separate chip for sound, but don't quote me on that), almost all Mega Drive games had full boarders and full slowdown. The only one I know of that was patched up was Sonic 2.

Ironically the best retro console on the PAL VC is the TurboGraphx-16. Since the console only had a very limited release in Europe or Australia, slightly modified versions of the US console were used, which made the games run in 50Hz. Since it was the console making it 50Hz and not the ROMs themselves (which were, I believe, identical to the US versions), all the VC versions run at 60Hz. Crazy!

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@Big_A2 Weird thing about Sonic 2 is, although the music is adjusted in the PAL release to have the correct speed, the music will stay at the correct speed if the PAL version is booted in 60Hz. If you switch to 60Hz while its running in 50Hz, the music will play too fast.

The PAL version it still slower with the boarders on the original cart, at least my copy is. The PAL version plays better in 60Hz and doesn’t glitch.

PC Engine is cool on VC, but earlier released VC games have a weird smudge like screen filter.



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